Wall Mounted Cable Machine Multi Gym - Fits Standard 1" Plates │ Comes With Straight Bar And Lat Bar

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE MIGHTY MACHINE - Our cable machine is highly versatile! Allowing you to perform upper and lower body workouts all in one gym machine! We've included a lat bar and a straight bar to allow you to perform various cable pulley exercises
  • ✅ EASY TO INSTALL AND SET UP - Simplicity is key when you're building your home or commercial gym. That's why we've ensured to keep our wall cable machine as simple as possible. Unlike traditional cable machines which require a lot of time and technical knowledge to set up, ours only requires 4 drill holes and takes less time to set up!
  • 200KG WEIGHT BEARING DESIGN - Depending on the strength of the mounting location, our weight training wall cable pulley machine can bear up to 200KG! The weight pin is compatible with standard weight plate discs (25mm diameter) meaning you don't need to purchase specialized weight plates, simply use the plates you already have!
  • ✅ THE ULTIMATE ADDITION TO YOUR HOME GYM - Whether you're working out in your garage, living room or garden. Our cable machine is the ultimate addition! Allowing you to perform various multigym exercises ranging from lat pulldowns, tricep pulldowns, bicep curls and many more
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, DURABLE DESIGN - Traditional cable machines require a lot of maintenace but ours doesn't. After installation, you can keep using your wall cable machine system without having to worry about time consuming maintenance tasks
wall cable machine can become lat bar and straight bar