The philosophy of SENSHI JAPAN™ is driven by supreme quality and innovation since our establishment in 2013. Since our early development in 2000, we have been continuously developing our brand in order to deliver the quality you look for. We value our customer's loyalty and that's why we make it our mission to meet the demands in the health & fitness industry, making sure that quality is never compromised. We appreciate your trust in our products and our brand.

We aim to leave our impression in the health and fitness industry but to continue to do this your feedback is fundamental to our development helping us remain the best at what we do.

From humble beginnings as jiu jitsu fans, to creating UK's number 1 choice for fitness and martial arts gear!



my name is Ahmed, I had the idea of Senshi Japan in 2000. At the time one of my favourite MMA fighters, BJ Penn, was the first non-brazilian to win the international jiu jitsu championship. It inspired me to get heavily involved in training and MMA gear as it was a field I had a HUGE amount of interest in. In the same way that the art of Jiu Jitsu evolved (and is still evolving) as it went/is going throughout the globe, I wanted to take the training gear at the time and transform it into better, more effective gear.


In 2013, after selling and designing martial arts and training gear for local gyms, I decided to take it step further and officially created Senshi Japan. I wanted to provide supreme quality training gear at a price that was unbeatable.

A lot of equipment on the internet was overpriced at the time. It was lacking any true value for the consumer. That's why we ensured that our prices reflect the value of our item, we live by the phrase of under promising and over delivering to our customer.

We started off selling karate belts which we decided was not enough so we kept expanding into different areas of the market to provide the best value to all customers of all practices, whether it was weight lifting, crossfit, MMA training, Muay Thai, etc.


We want to provide the best value training equipment for any athlete, regardless of the practice. We promise to never sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves, so you can count on us to bring you the best quality gear. If you want to be apart of our mission, then join the pack!


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