SOLID Metal Stirrup Handle with Rubber Grips | D Handle for Cable Machines, Multigyms, And Weight Lifting

  • PERFECT FOR WEIGHT LIFTING - Whether its cable cross overs, or cable press our stirrup handle will be able to withstand ANY exercise no matter what the weight!
  • FITTED WITH XTRA GRIP RUBBER HANDLE - Our stirrup handle ensures that you will be able to use it at your maximum potential, by eliminating the chances of slipping on the handle you are able to focus more on your workout and isolating your muscles
  • MADE FROM HEAVY DUTY METAL - Our stirrup handle can withstand large amounts of weight, allowing you to work out at your maximum potential at your maximum performance level
  • OUR STIRRUP HANDLE CAN FIT ONTO ANY MULTI GYM OR CABLE MACHINE - Our stirrup handle is fitted with a carabiner hole allowing for almost any carabiner diameter to fit into it
Fits all cable machines and multigyms using carabiners

A stirrup handle is one of the most versatile gym cable attachments around. Whether you're working out with a cable machine or multi gym, you should always have a metal stirrup handle in your fitness arsenal. Our cable machine handle allows you to perform various exercises ranging from cable crossover, chest press, cable flies, and other cables exercise.

Our rubber-coated D handle is made to fit all cable machines or multi-gyms through the use of our universal carabiner hole.

Built with heavy duty metal - perfect for heavy lifting
Fitted with sweat proof rubber - Easy to clean and smell free
Designed with reduced friction revolving rubber handle - Allows for a full, unrestricted range of motion