T Bar Row Landmine Grappler Platform - Fits Standard 25mm Bars and 50mm Olympic Bars

  • Revolutionary Senshi Japan's design for T Bar Row landmine grappler
  • Constructed from heavy duty steel to ensure that the row grappler is able to handle large amounts of weight
  • Perfect for weight lifting, bodybuilding & cross fitness to build and train the core and back as well as the arms, extremely versatile allowing for both olympic and standard barbells to be used
  • Landmine grappler design, can be attached to under a door, pipe or drilled onto ground. Suitable for both standard and olympic bars to be used (Exclusive to Senshi T Bar Rows)
  • Able to fit standard & olympic barbell bars on grappler

Introducing the ultimate Senshi Japan weight lifting, bodybuilding T bar row landmine grappler . The T bar row landmine grappler is constructed to withstand large amounts of weight without showing any signs of struggle, this is due to our scientifically designed reconstructed steel used to construct the core training accessory. Our bundle has been specifically designed for cross fitness, bodybuilding or moderate weight lifting. Our T Bar Row set consists of all components needed to get you started on building extremely strong back muscles,. Suitable for both standard and olympic barbells! Buy with confidence, we will be able to answer any question regarding these items so please do not hesitate to contact us