Senshi Easy Adjust Self Lock Speed Rope - Quickly adjust rope length

  • SUPER EASY ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM: Never need to worry about flimsy adjustment screws or mechanisms again! Simply push the rope in to shorten it or pull it out to lengthen it
  • LIGHTENING SPEED SKIPPING ROPE: Built with low friction ball bearings, perfect for HIIT workouts, double unders, crossovers and many more jump rope workouts
  • FITTED WITH HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH WIRE: Made from heavy duty twined metal cables and coated in a protective coating making it perfect for high speed rope work!
  • SPEED AND STRENGTH TESTED: We know how frustrating it is to own a rope for a few weeks and have it lose its original quality. That's why we've made sure to use only the highest quality materials for our speed skipping rope to ensure that you get consistently great workouts with every use!
  • Perfect For Boxing, Double Unders, HIIT, Training, Crossfit, etc. - Your skipping rope can make the biggest difference to your training, whether its skipping rope for boxing, HIIT, crossfit, double unders or anything else! A better skipping rope provides a better training experience!