Neoprene Ankle Strap Twin D-Ring

Senshi Japan proffesionally designed ankle wrist strap enables users to have maximimum motion and resistance for the hips, glutes and legs. gel cushion padding provides support, stability and unbeleivable comfort. Lined with gel padding which enhances stability and greatly reduces discomforts meaning you will have unbelievable comfort for the whole of your workout. The Senshi Japan ankle strap makes lower-body workouts more efficient by allowing the user to have the ability to target each muscle at almost evey angle. Our pro ankle strap allows you to work the Legs, hips, thighs and Glutes on any cable, multi gym or pulley machine. A twin D-shackle with a karabiner is included. The adjustable velcro strap makes it suitable for use around either ankle or thigh. One size fits all. Sold Individually

  • SENSHI JAPAN'S SUPER HEAVY DUTY WEIGHT LIFTING CABLE MACHINE ANKLE AND WRIST STRAP - Perfect for leg pulleys, working out the glutes, calves, arms, etc. Can be fit onto any sized carabiner!
  • MADE FROM ONLY THE HEAVIEST DUTY MATERIALS - Built to provide you with maximum durability and strength when lifting heavy weights on the cable machine, multi gym
  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE - Fitted with cushion padding for unbelievably comfortable workouts and less strain and pressure on your ankles or wrist
  • REVOLUTIONARY ONE SIZE DESIGN - Comes with adjustable velcro strap, one size fits all making it perfect for everyone!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you aren't happy with the ankle strap that you receive, simply send us a message and we'll send you a replacement or refund right away! SOLD AS SINGLE PIECE