Lat Blaster Bar

Introducing the ultimate Senshi Japan weight lifting, bodybuilding T bar row Pro Style T bar attachment!. Our T bar features brand new ergonomically designed handles to allow for the best isolation and muscle building of the back, core and abs. The new Pro Design T barbell rowing bar attachment also boasts an extremely comfortable workout due to our handles being made from super grip gel, which absorbs the impact of the bar being dropped on the floor as well as providing the user with a comfortable experience when weight lifting. Our bundle has been specifically designed for cross fitness, bodybuilding or moderate weight lifting. Buy with confidence, we will be able to answer any question regarding these items so please do not hesitate to contact us! Now in our brand new lat blasting design, made wider to target your lats better, allowing you to get better gains faster!

  • The ultimate strength building lat blasting T-Bar row handle Constructed from heavy duty steel to ensure large amounts of weight is able to be handled by the bar, perfect for heavy, power lifts
  • Perfect for weight lifting, bodybuilding & cross fitness to build and train the core and back as well as the arms - now made with a wider handle to ensure that you can target your lats a lot better
  • Can be attached to any olympic barbell bars - Simply screw in the adjuster for a tighter fit or loosen for a looser fit - If your bar is bigger, simply remove the adaptor!
  • Perfect for core training and back muscle building! Ideal for lat building. The ultimate row bar to get you a wider back and bigger, stronger lats
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee - If you are dissatisfied with the item please message us and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible