Heavy Duty Abdominal Slings

Senshi Japan double strength neoprene abdominal slings, now featuring our V4 neoprene strength technology allowing our ab sling to with stand many weights which other ab slings can't. Our abdominal sling now has a heavy duty steel hook which is able to attach to any sized bar (upto 1.7 inch thickness) and withstand heavy usage, the ab sling is perfect for anyone who is wanting to gain extremely strong and lean abs, our slings allow you to build more lean muscle by allowing the user to have a full range of motion in the legs. The ab slings come with super breathable gel padding ridding the user from many discomforts other ab slings may cause

  • Double strength Neoprene Ab sling
  • Extremely strong hook (able to fit onto any sized pull up bar up to 1.70 inch )
  • Can withstand with extremely heavy amounts of weight
  • Made with sweat resistant breathable material
  • Fitted with a pair heavy duty steel hooks