Free Standing Speedball Punching Bag

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  • PERFECT FOR PROFESSIONALS AND AMATEURS! Our bag has been specifically designed to withstand punches of extreme power constantly, making it perfect for heavy hitters and conditioning
  • DESIGNED WITH SUPER HEAVY DUTY STEEL SPRINGS! Our bag provides the user with a highly responsive experience, faster and/or harder hitters will experience faster and/or harder spring backs from the bag allowing you to build both speed, power and reaction speed!
  • THE MOST STABLE FREE STANDING SPEEDBALL ON THE MARKET! Our free standing speed punch bag features a weight chamber that you can fill with sand or rice and suction cups to ensure that the punch bag isn't sliding around or being knocked over easily like other free standing punch bags!
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE, MADE FROM THE HEAVIEST DUTY MATERIALS! Our free standing punch bag has been made from hard wearing rex leather and heavy duty steel to ensure long lasting durability and reliability!
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! All orders for our free standing punch bag will be backed by our 100% money back guarantee! If you aren't happy with our punch bag simply send us a message and we will arrange a replacement or a full refund!

Are you tired of your current freestanding punch speed bag falling over even with your lightest punch?

Are you in search of a reliable speed bag that will ensure effective sessions every single time?

Well look no further! Introducing the ultimate Senshi Japan Free standing speed bag made from the heaviest duty materials, consisting of artificial leather and super strong steel! Fitted with suction cups and a heavy heavy chamber that can be filled with sand or rice!

FEATURES Designed to withstand punches and kicks of extreme power
Features a weight chamber that you can fill with sand
Extremely durable
Built with heavy duty steel springs to provide fast reactions to punches . The height is adjustable from 51 inches to 62 inches adjustable