Ankle Weights 10 Kgs Pair (2 x 5 Kg)

Senshi Japan,s adjustable ankle weights are excellent for aerobic conditioning yoga and pilates workouts. Improve quad, hamstring and calf definition. The outer case is washable. These ankle weights are used by professionals for pre-sport warm ups and are also used while jogging. The ankle weights contain 20 iron rods and th weight of each rod is about 460 gms approximately. All 20 iron rods are removable. So it is made very easy to change the weight of the ankle weights any time.

  • Adjustable weight from 1 pound to 20lbs
  • Fitted with 20 removable iron rods used as weights
  • Made with heavy duty material.
  • Fitted with heavy duty velcro fastening.
  • Adjustable size.