Rubber Coated Multi Grip Handle For Cable Machines

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  • The most versatile cable machine attachment - We've built our cable machine attachment to allow you to perform various exercises simply by changing the grip and angle at which you place the attachment! Perfect for performing rows, curls, tricep extensions, etc.
  • Made from heavy duty steel and industrial grade rubber - With a weight lifting capacity of over 1000 KG its no wonder that we're the number 1 choice for cable machine attachments!
  • Fitted with high grip non smelling rubber - Unlike other cable machine multigym row handles, we've built ours with practicality in mind! Thats why we've opted to fit non smelling rubber onto the handles to ensure that you can keep using your rowing stirrup handle bars without having to worry about smelly hands.
  • Fits onto any cable machine using carabiners - If you're cable machine has got the capacity to hold a carabiner then you've got everything you need to use our rubber coated multi grip v row bar, simply attach it to your cable machine multigym using a carabiner!



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