Rubber coated lat bar for cable machines - 24 inch

✅ Better than the rest! Our lat pulldown bar is built from heavy duty steel and all natural sweat resistant handles to provide the ultimate lat pull down experience!

✅ LIFT MORE EFFECTIVELY! This lat bar for cable machines is fitted with super grip handles to allow for better handling when using our lat pull down bar attachment, whether you're doing rows, lat pull downs, reverse grip pulldowns, or any other exercise. Our lat bar is definitely going to revolutionise your home gym, multi gym or cable machine!

✅ USED BY SOME OF THE UK's TOP ATHLETES! Our lat bar rowing handle attachment is used by some of the UK's top athletes due to its superior build, our unbeatable price and customer service. Don't believe us? Try us out!

✅ ATTACHES TO ANY CABLE MACHINE: Our lat handle bar for lat pulldowns is the ultimate cable machine attachment accessory. Built with a carabiner hole that can accomodate for any sized carabiner or shackle, making it ideal for almost every cable machine, multigym or home gym