Punch Bag Wall Mount Bracket With Pull Up Bar

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  • THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Our combination bracket is fitted with an outdoor wall mounted pull up and chin up bar as well as a heavy duty punch bag bracket to allow you to supercharge your training
  • LIFETIME DURABILITY: Whether you're using our bracket as a punchbag hanger for outside or a pull up bar for the garage you never have to worry about tedious maintenance or damage from the environment
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: This punch bag bracket and pull up bar outdoor is ready to use within a matter of minutes! Simply assemble the bar, drill your pilot holes and fix the bracket using the provided fixings
  • SUPERCHARGED TRAINING: Our punch bag bracket and pull up bar for the wall is ideal for anyone who wants to break through their current fitness level by combining both strength and cardio into one unit
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN: When you assemble our wall mounted punch bag bracket you're able to save space without skipping out on key exercises!

Take training to the next level with the Senshi Japan punch bag bracket with pull up bar combination bracket. Whether you want to level up your home gym or add an exercise station to your garden, we've built the perfect wall mounted punch bag hanger for you!

With our supreme steel blend and powder coating paint, we've been able to create a bracket thats able to both withstand the weather of outdoors and hold a huge 150KG of weight, all in one compact, heavy duty station!
For those of us who hate DIY, we've made our punch bag bracket extremely simple to assemble. Once connected, you'll be ready to blast away at your punch bag and lift extreme weights with our in-built pull up bar for outside and inside!