Punch Bag Cover For Outdoors - Weatherproof Rain, Snow, UV Protector For Standing & Hanging Punch Bags

PROTECT YOUR BAG: With our revolutionary outdoor punch bag cover for boxing bags, you're able to extend the life of your punching bag without having to worry about high maintenance, cleaning or bad weather. Simply slide on our weatherproof punch bag once you're done training!

TRAIN WITH NO LIMITS: Just because the weather is bad, doesn't mean you have to stop training! Even in the heaviest rain, the coldest snow or the strongest wind, you're able to keep working the bag with no problem!

SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: Our punching bag cover for outside is ready to use right out the box! Simply slide it on to your punch bag, tighten the drawstring and you're ready to go

STRONG, DURABLE MATERIAL: Use your punch bag with our cover on it! With our double stitched design, we've made the ultimate bag cover which protects your punch bag from the environment even whilst being blasted with your punches, kicks, knees and elbows

CLEAN BAG, EVERYTIME: Kicking your bag means leads to dirt from your shoe transferring onto your punch bag, leaving it out in the rain damages the filling and internal lining of the bag. Luckily, when you use our punch bag protector, you'll never need to worry about mess again! It even protects against UV rays!