'Piranha' Adult's Gum Shield for boxing, rugby, MMA, BJJ - Perfect Mouthguard For Contact Sports

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PROTECT YOUR TEETH, GUMS, AND JAW - Made to withstand heavy blows which come from sports such boxing, rugby, MMA etc. Reducing the chance of teeth loss, and gum damage to an absolute minimum

USED AND RECOMMENDED BY TOP ATHLETES IN THE UK AND AROUND THE WORLD - Our gum shields are made with only the top of the range materials to ensure that maximum quality and durability is achieved! Its no wonder why we have thousands of happy customers from around the world!

GUM SHIELDS ARE IDEAL FOR PROTECTION DURING ANY TYPE OF SPORT. - Many sports such as rugby, MMA, karate, hockey etc. require mouth guards as they allow for better protection of the gums and teeth as well as the mouth on a whole

THESE GUM SHIELDS ARE NEARLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - Due to our revolutionary acrylic formula these gum shields can easily withstand the most heaviest of blows and not have a scratch. Now built with the triple layer formula to maximise shock absorbence