HEAVY 5 kg Ankle Weights, Perfect For Wrist And Ankles For HIIT, Cardio, Rehab, Physio, Fitness (2x2.5kgs)

THE ULTIMATE 5kg ANKLE WEIGHTS BY SENSHI JAPAN: Perfect for weight lifters, bodybuilders, gym enthusiasts, athletes and runners

IDEAL FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO ADD RESISTANCE TRAINING INTO THEIR RUNS OR WALKS! Our ankle and wrist weights are the perfect method of adding resistance to your runs or walks, weighing at 2.5 KG per sleeve and adjustable, this is the ankle weight you'll want to be using when incorporating resistance training into your cardio

EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE, PERFECT FOR LONG RUNS AND WALKS! Our ankle weights are padded supremely to allow for long periods of use without having to worry about discomforts and other setbacks

MADE FROM THE HEAVIEST DUTY MATERIALS! Ask any one of our 1000s of happy customers and they'll tell you our ankle weights are the most durable on the market

EASY ADJUST DESIGN: Add or remove the weights of our jogging weight sleeves to your desired weight within a matter of a few minutes, with our universal plate design, you won't have to spend ages removing or adding our weight, simply slide them in or out as you please!

THE ULTIMATE ANKLE WEIGHTS: Perform various exercises such as aerobics, jogging, walking, shadow boxing and more with our slim fit ankle weights


The ultimate 5 KG ankle weights, made for running, jogging, walking, shadow boxing, hiit training and aerobics. Work out, without the need for fancy gym equipment. Simply attach out weight sleeves to your ankle or wrists and perform exercises such as rows, squats, lunges, shoulder presses, and more! By using our weights on your wrist, you're able to eliminate the activation of your forearm which means that you get better isolation on your targetted muscle group. Instead of holding a bar, you're able to keep your hands free, allowing you to maintain a natural grip and focus your energy on lifting with your targetted muscle group!

Who said walking couldn't build muscle? With our ankle weights, walking gets taken to the next level! By simply strapping our ankle weights to your legs, you're able to maximise your workout by adding functional resistance to your walk. This allows you to build leg, core, and back muscles.