Hand Grip Set (Gripper & Grip Ring)

💪 BETTER GRIP = BETTER LIFTS: Having a strong hand grip could be the difference between you beating your personal record and you staying on the same weight and reps forever! You don't have to be a super athlete to realise the benefits of using our hand grip strengthener, increasing your grip strength will allow you to lift cleaner and with more weight!

📦 EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE BUNDLE: We've designed this hand gripper bundle to tackle 2 things. Muscle size (hypertrophy) and muscle strength, the hand grip allows for adjustable resistances which means if it's getting too easy for you, simply tightn the spring and a hand grip ring so you can keep working your grip out on the go and when you've fatigued your grip to get the extra reps out of your grip.

💯 BETTER THAN THE REST: Our hand grip strengther is built to withstand massive amounts of use, made from a heavy duty steel spring and sweat wicking rubber handles for supreme quality and durability. Our grip ring features our new high resistance silicone formula which has a higher resitance than the rest. This means a more challenging gripper experience allowing for better strength and size!

💥 PERFECT FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE: Whether you're a gym enthusiast, an athlete, a rock climber or even a piano, guitar or drum player. By introducing our hand grip strengtheners to your regular daily schedule you will start to see improvements in your activity due to your fingers, forearms and wrist being strengthened!

🦁 THE SENSHI EXPERIENCE: Not only do you get a high quality hand grip strengthener and gripper ring, but you also get a 1 year warranty. That means we'll give you your money back or a replacement if there's anything wrong with the hand grippers you receive!