6ft Freestanding Punch Bag With Low Kick Guard And Outdoor Cover

Senshi Japan 6ft Free Standing Punch Bag - 83KG (Sand) - Perfect For Training & Practice - Made From Heavy Duty Artificial Leather & Steel - The Best Punch Bag For Muay Thai, Kicking & Boxing

  • PERFECT FOR PROFESSIONALS AND AMATEURS! Our bag has been specifically designed to withstand punches and kicks of extreme power constantly, making it perfect for heavy hitters and conditioning
  • THE MOST STABLE PUNCH BAG ON THE MARKET WEIGHS 83KG WHEN FILLED WITH SAND! Our free standing punch bag features a weight chamber that you can fill with sand and suction cups to ensure that the punch bag isn't sliding around or being knocked over easily like other free standing punch bags!
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE, MADE FROM THE HEAVIEST DUTY MATERIALS! Our free standing punch bag has been made from hard wearing rex leather and heavy duty steel to ensure long lasting durability and reliability!
  • LOADED WITH SHOCK ABSORBING SPRINGS! We know the exact requirements for boxers like you, that's why we've fitted our free standing punch bag with heavy duty springs to ensure that you are getting constant and reliable contact with the punch bag to allow for effective workouts!
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! All orders for our free standing punch bag will be backed by our 100% money back guarantee! If you aren't happy with our punch bag simply send us a message and we will arrange a replacement or a full refund!
  • For logistic purposes, the punch bag will be posted in 2 separate parcels. 1 including the punch bag and 1 including the base and accessories!
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