3 Station 198 KG Multi Gym Cable Machine For Home and Commercial Gyms - Punch bag, Dip station, Lat Pulldown and Many More Included!

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Comes With All Equipment, Pec Deck, Pull Up Bar, Dip Station, Lat Pulldown, Crossover, Rowing Bar And Many More!


  • The Ultimate Home Fitness Multi Gym - Fitted with everything you need to workout your entire body! Whether your goal is to burn fat, build muscle, or increase your endurance, our machine will help you achieve it!
  • 1 Machine, 50+ Exercises - With our machine, you'll never need to buy any piece of home gym equipment ever again! We teamed up with some of the best sports equipment engineers to bring you the ultimate cable multi gym machine
  • Comes With 72 KG Weight Stack - Level up your strength, size and endurance without needing to purchase extra weight! We've included a MASSIVE 70KG weight plate stack so that you can load your muscles up to the max!
  • Built With Reinforced Strength Tested Materials - Built using a solid immovable steel frame, fitted with sweat resistant easy wipe seat and back rest covers, designed with simplicity and durability in mind

Net weight 185KG,
Gross weight 198KG,
Weight plate stack 72KG,
Maximum load 300KG,
Assembly size 180*175*212C

The Senshi Japan SJ3 Mutli gym

1 Machine capable of providing 45+ exercises!

Whether your goals are to gain strength, size, or endurance, we've got the machine for you.

We teamed up with some of the best engineers to put together a comprehensive machine that will last you a lifetime!

Our machine is fitted with multiple clipping locations and pulleys which allows you to work out your entire body without changing machines!