Senshi Japan Wooden Olympic Gymnastic Rings - Includes Liquid Grip Chalk, Grip Tapes & Door Anchor

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  • PERFECT FOR UPPER BODY EXERCISES - A highly recommended product for body building, gymnastics, fitness and other bodyweight exercises
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAVY DUTY NEOPRENE HANGING STRAPS - Made to withstand each wooden ring up to 150KG, can be adjusted to the desired length for the user and allow for a renge of different activities ranging from push ups with the rings to pull ups with the rings
  • DOUBLE STRENGTH NEOPRENE HANGING STRAPS - Stronger than any other strap on the market, made to withstand a large amount of weight without there being any chance of ripping or snapping
  • POLISHED AND SMOOTHED HANDLES - Allowing for a unbelievably comfortable experience whilst using the gymnastic rings on exercises such as pull ups, ring push ups & many other gymnastic exercises

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