Foldable Wall Mounted Dip Station

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Introducing the ultimate foldable wall mounted dip station by Senshi Japan, perfect for any gym, fitness or weight lifting enthusiast. Our dip station is easy to set up and comes with all fittings and screws in order to assemble and fix it onto a solid concrete wall or brick wall. OUr dip station is made from heavy duty steel to ensure that it can withstand large amounts of weight as well as various weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoors, commercial gyms and personal gyms. Click 'ADD TO BASKET' to get your foldable dip station today!

  • THE ULTIMATE DIP STATION! Our dip station is perfect for any gym or fitness enthusiasts, whether it be weight lifting or fitness improvement, our dip station is perfect for you!
  • PERFECT FOR HOME GYMS, GARAGES AND COMMERCIAL GYMS! Our dip station is perfect due to the fact that it is easy to set up and is conveniently designed to allow you to fold it away when not in use!
  • MADE FROM HEAVY DUTY STEEL! Our dip station was designed to withstand almost every weather condition, making it perfect for outdoors. It's also made from heavy duty steel to withstand large amounts of weight and have maximum durability.
  • COMES WITH FITTINGS AND SCREWS! Our dip station is STUPID-SIMPLE to set up, making it perfect for absolutely anyone to assemble and use!
  • SAFE AND SECURE! Our dip station is made to be mounted onto a strong brick or concrete wall, when assembling you need to ensure that there are no wires or such in the wall or concrete that you are assembling it on the measurement is280 mm x 280 mm x 4 mm thick wall mounting plate

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