Freestanding punch bag speed ball with reflex bar

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  • ✅【 Transform Your Boxing Training 】 Our freestanding punch ball is perfect for reaction training, improving punch speed, developing rhythm, footwork and head movement. Fitted with a full 360 degree arm to simulate counters from your opponent
  • ✅ 【 High Reaction Spring Loaded Ball Head 】 We've designed our freestanding speed ball to simulate an opponent in a spar. That's why we've loaded our bag with a high tension spring to train your reaction speed and rhythm
  • ✅ 【 Perfect For Indoors And Outdoors 】 Our standing punch ball is coated in a waterproof coating, making it perfect for use indoors and outdoors, whether you're in the garden or the garage. You can train using our speedball wherever you want!
  • ✅【 Used and Recommended By Boxers 】 Whether you're a boxing nomad or a pro, you need our reaction training free standing speed ball to take your training and striking to the next level
  • ✅ 【 Immovable Base, with Adjustable Height 】 Our standing speed bag comes with a high capacity base which can be filled with sand or water, stopping any sliding or movement from the base. Adjustable height up to 200cm (Approx. 6'5)
  • ✅ 【 Fitted with vacuum cups for hard surface floors 】 On top of weighing 60KG+ when filled with dry sand. We've even fitted floor vacuum cups to allow for training indoors, on hard surfaces such as wood or laminate flooring


Train the 5 KEY components of boxing!

Boxing requires precision, accuracy, and most importantly reflexes! Why not train all 3 with the Senshi Japan freestanding reflex bar speedball.

Built for pros and beginners to take reaction training to the next level!

Built using high-quality materials, we've ensured to fit our bag with a super reactive heavy-duty spring that simulates an opponent's head during a spar or fight.




    The number 1 mistake most boxers make is forgetting to snap back to their guard or to be prepared for a counter.

    Whether you're a beginner or pro, we know for a fact that our reflex training speedball will take your fight IQ to a completely different level!

    Here's why you need our reflex speedball:

    • Trains you to always snap back to your guard to avoid counters from your opponent
    • Develops accurate distance judgment so you can be confident when to strike
    • Builds your footwork and rhythm to create dynamic angles of movement
    • Sharpens your reflexes through head movement training and parrying