EXTRA Heavy Battle Rope With Wall Anchor


✅ HEAVY ROPE, BIGGER MUSCLES: We've turnt our battle rope into a beast rope! With a massive 10kg weight and a 12m length, our battle rope is perfect for all exercisers whether its crossfit, weight lifting, strength training or bodybuilding!

✅ WITHSTANDS ALL WEATHER AND WEAR AND TEAR: We've put our battle rope through hell and it survived! Built with a heavy duty polydac rope which ensures that even the toughest workouts can't damage this rope.

✅ SUPER GRIP V2 HANDLES: A lot of battle ropes tend to slip out of your hand as you workout and sweat, we've built ours with extra grip heat shrinked handles to ensure that you can keep working without having to worry about your hand slipping off the handles

✅ EASILY STORED AWAY: Although having a battle rope makes you 10x cooler, we know that sometimes you have to clean up your area of fitness, that's why we've included heavy rope strings which can pack your battle rope into a neat and tidy form factor for when you need to tidy up!

✅ THE SENSHI EXPERIENCE: Join the pack by purchasing a battle rope and receiving a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you aren't happy with it, simply send it back and we'll send you a full refund, no questions asked!

✅ Includes free PDF workout guide, with the perfect routine to get fitter, stronger and faster using just our battle rope and your own bodyweight!