Senshi Japan 50mm Olympic Bar Collars


  • Senshi weight lifting collars are top of the range barbell clamps made from heavy duty materials to provide the best grip on your barbell so you can focus more on training.
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Our collar clamps are perfect for crossfit and weight training/lifting. Great for when you need to keep the pump going and don’t want to waste time making sure your weights are secure.
  • Our weight clamps are made for Olympic size (50mm) weight training bars such as dumbbells & barbells, unlike other clamps on the market, our clips have a tighter grip on your barbell to ensure that your weights are completely secure.
  • Upgraded rubber shock protection – Our weight lifting collars are fitted with rubber shock protectors and grip pads in order to ensure that our weight lifting collars stay locked onto your barbell or dumbbell
  • Made for high impact lifts with heavy weights - Whether its crossfit, weight training, bodybuilding or weight lifting. Designed to make your sessions quicker, more focused and more intense.