Senshi Japan 2x 25mm Collar Clamps

Product description

Senshi Japan Standard 25mm Lock Collar Clamp Clips for weight training bars such as dumbbells and bar bells. The collars are designed specially for the use with extremely heavy weights in order to provide top security and pure efficiency, now allowing the user to use just one hand. Comes as pair

Legal Disclaimer

These are plastic collars and suitable for only horizontal lifts. Only metals threaded collars are for vertical lifts. For any type of exercise, please first consult some specialist training instructors.

  • EXTREME GRIP TECHNOLOGY! Fitted with our revolutionary rubber inner grips, to hold onto your bar no matter what! Once locked, our clamps will stay on!
  • KEEP THE INTENSITY UP AND SAVE TIME! Switching weights will be the least of your worries. With our quick lock system, all you have to do is unlock the collar clamps from your barbell or dumbell, load on your weight and lock on your clamps!
  • IDEAL FOR ALL GYM USERS! Whether you're an average gym goer or a gym veteran, our weight lifting clip clamps allow you to keep the intensity up through quick weight changes!
  • EASY TO CARRY! Our clamp collars can fit into any regular gym bag or suit case so you know that you can take your collars with you no matter where you're going!
  • BUILT FOR HEAVY WEIGHTS AND HIGH IMPACT! We've used hevay duty materials to ensure that our clamps will stay on regardless of how heavy you've loaded you're bars!