ultimate guide on inversion therapy and how it can benefit your health back spine and respiratory system


Jan 23, 2021

The ultimate guide to inversion therapy


When done correctly, inversion therapy can be be extremely helpful to decompress your spine and in turn allow for minimized pain and pressure relief on all your joints and bones. For those that have a desk job or are required to sit down for the majority of the day, inversion therapy can greatly improve your posture as well as allow for a relaxed feeling once performed.


Its fun, beneficial for your health and extremely good for your posture. Inversion therapy can improve the following areas of your body:
  • Blood flow
  • Digestion
  • Respiratory system
  • Immune system
  • Central nervous system

How to perform inversion therapy correctly

If the name wasn't simple enough, hanging upside down for a period of time is the one step required to perform inversion therapy however, if done incorrectly, all of the benefits will be outweighed by the drawbacks of poor hanging technique. So, how do you do it correctly?


  1. Ensure that you are completely relaxed when inverted. This is crucial, any stiffness or quick motioned movements will only lead to strain for your muscles and may lead to injury. Therefore, when you're upside down and hanging, picture an image of a sunny beach to get yourself relaxed and loose. Let your hands fall to the ground and feel your spine stretch and relax.
  2. Ensure that your feet are completely levelled with each and there are no imbalances. This one may sound a bit obvious but ensuring that your feet are aligned perfectly will allow you to avoid muscle imbalances in the future from prolonged use of inversion therapy. The easiest way to make sure that you avoid this is by using a spirit level on your pull up bar.
  3. Take incremental breaks between inversion each inversion session. The key here is to really listen to your body and feel when enough is enough, a rule of thumb is to only spend 5 minutes at a time upside down and take a minimum of 15 minutes break. This will give your blood enough time to flow in the correct direction.

How to use your Senshi inversion boots correctly and safely