XXL Tricep Rope Cable Machine Attachment - 36 inch For Full Range Of Motion

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The ultimate tricep rope for pulldowns, extensions and curls!

✅ EXTRA LONG TRICEP ROPE - Our tricep rope measures 36 inches long, this allows your hands to travel behind your back allowing your triceps to fully contract. With standard tricep ropes you could be missing out on huge tricep gains!
✅ THE KEY TO GAINING HUGE TRICEPS – When it comes to your triceps, a full range of motion allows you to work your arms out to the max. With the Senshi extra long tricep rope you’ll be able to target all of your tricep’s muscle fibres for more effective workouts.
✅ SUPERCHARGE YOUR HOME GYM - Our rope pull down attachment can attach to any home gym cable machine using a standard carabiner. Perform tricep pull downs, bicep rope curls, tricep extensions and many other workouts
✅ MADE FROM HEAVY DUTY ROPE - Our tricep rope for pulldowns is made from industrial grade rope which is tightly twined in order to prevent fraying and damage.
✅ COMES WITH CARRY BAG - Our tricep extension rope attachment can be stored away easily in our carry bag, this makes it easy to carry around in your gym bag or your coat pocket.

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