Viking Shoulder Press

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The Ultimate Viking Shoulder Press

Made from heavy duty steel, perfect for heavy lifts and shoulder presses as well as bent over rows. Perfect for use on landmine grapplers, barbells, t bar rows, etc. making it perfect for home and professional gyms.

Finished off in a powder coat in order to provide maximum durability and comfort.

  • PERFECT FOR WEIGHTLIFTING - Made from heavy duty steel to withstand extreme amounts of weight and heavy movement. Coated with smooth, powder coated paint to provide a sweat wicking, comfortable grip and lifting experience
  • ATTACHES TO ALL OLYMPIC SIZE BARBELLS AND ROWING BARS - Our viking shoulder press bar comes with an adjustable steel bolt which allows you to fasten the bar securely. It is suitable for 50mm size bars (Olympic size bar only)
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS - Our bar utilises our solid foundation formula which provides rugged strength and high durability while still maintaining a light space saving formfactor, making it perfect for carrying around the home or gym for shoulder presses, t bar rows, bent over rows, lateral raises, etc.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY ATHLETE - Whether you're a gym novice, a weight lifter, bodybuilder or simply a lifting fan, our viking shoulder press will provide you with sufficient exercises to maximise your shoulder, lat and trapezius growth