30 KG PREFILLED Adjustable Weighted Vest For Running, Walking, Jogging, Calisthenics, etc.

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  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR CALISTHENICS WORKOUTS - With our adjustable weighted vest you'll be able to take your workouts to the next level! Whether you're running, walking, squatting, or performing pilates, the extra weight that our vest adds will allow you to break past plateaus and increase overall functional fitness and strength.
  • THE ULTIMATE WEIGHTED JACKET FOR RUNNING - Running alone provides a huge amount of benefits but running and sprinting with our weighted running vest allows you to build crazy explosiveness and strength. If you're an athlete and want to take your performance to the next level, our adjustable weight vest is perfect for you.
  • EASY TO USE AND SET UP - Unlike other weighted vest designs, you won't face the problem of sluggish movements because we've built ours with adjustable velcro straps that allow you to tighten the weighted vest securely around your torso for better movement. (Weighted vest with weights included)
  • PERFECT WEIGHT VEST FOR WOMEN, MEN, BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED - Working out with a weighted vest doesn't need to be hard! With our weighted jacket simple workouts can be transformed into intense routines, giving you the results you need!
  • THE No.1 WEIGHTED VEST FOR YOUR HOME GYM- With our weighted 30 kg vests you won't need any more gym equipment! Our weighted jacket can be used to turn bodyweight pushups into intense weighted push ups, bodyweight squats turn into killer weighted squats, bodyweight dips become tricep exploding workouts. All with only one piece of equipment!