Best Punch Bags For The UK - A Complete Guide To Choosing The Correct Bag For Outdoors & Gardens

Best Punch Bags For The UK - A Complete Guide To Choosing The Correct Bag For Outdoors & Gardens

Apr 13, 2024

So you're looking to bring your boxing training outdoors and experience the thrill of a fresh-air workout in your own garden? Great choice! But before you start picturing those knockout punches, there's one crucial piece of equipment to consider: the punch bag.

Unlike your trusty indoor bag, an outdoor punch bag needs to be tough enough to weather the elements. Here's what separates a champion from a contender when it comes to choosing the best punch bag for the UK outdoors:

Weatherproofing for the rainy days

The number one priority is a bag built to withstand the UK's unpredictable weather. Forget about traditional leather or canvas bags - they'll succumb to rain, wind, and UV rays in no time. Look for a heavy bag constructed from weatherproof, high-density synthetic materials, just like your outdoor punch bag. These bags are specifically designed to endure the elements, so you can focus on throwing punches, not replacing your equipment.

Choose strapped punch bags instead of chained

Imagine this: you're unleashing a powerful hook, and all of a sudden, a loud clang echoes through the garden. Not exactly the peaceful workout you envisioned, right? Traditional heavy bags often use metal chains for hanging, which can create a racket with every swing.

The best outdoor punch bags incorporate a silent swivel mechanism or heavy-duty straps. This eliminates the chain noise, making your workout more enjoyable and keeping the peace with your neighbours. Our punch bag. utilizes straps for quiet operation, allowing you to train without distractions.

Best of all? Straps don't rust when you leave them out. Chains do.

Heavy weighted punch bags

A flimsy punch bag won't provide the resistance you need for a proper workout. Opt for a heavy bag that's pre-filled with a substantial weight. This ensures a stable punching experience and allows you to develop strength and power.

But what if you crave an extra challenge? Look for a bag with the option to add even more weight. Our heavy weighted punch bag.. features a convenient zip at the top, allowing you to add more filling for an even more intense workout.

Bonus Considerations:


  • Size: For most adults, a 4ft to 6ft heavy bag is ideal. But if you're tight on space, a smaller 3ft bag can still provide a decent workout.
  • Stand vs. Hanging: Hanging bags offer a more natural swinging motion, while freestanding stands provide more stability. Consider your available space and workout preferences.
  • Filling: Many heavy bags come unfilled. Sand and shredded fabric are common filling materials, but opt for weatherproof options if using your bag outdoors.
With these factors in mind, you're well on your way to transforming your garden into your own personal boxing haven. Now lace up your gloves, step outside, and unleash your inner champion!