Anti Gravity Inversion Boots

Original Senshi Japan Brand new weight lifting hooks, now featuring our brand new extra pad anti gravity boots which can securely fasten the users ankle into the gravity inversion boots. Gravity inversion boots are usually used to incorporate challenging angles to sit ups, crunches and other exercises involving mainly the core. This is a perfect piece of equipment to develop more leaner and visible abs at different inclined levels, these gravity inversion boots will also allow you to not have to put too much pressure on your legs and back when performing exercises such as dips or sit ups

Can attach to any sized chin up bar
Heavy duty metal hook used, to ensure complete safety
Can fight compression fatigue caused by high impact exercises
Single action attachment system, this hook was made for safety and efficiency

  • Made of high quality materials - Extremely durable and comfortable due to the high quality the gravity boots can withstand large amounts of weight (up to 150 KG) without altering the
  • Extremely comfortable foam padding - Allows for an unbelievable experience when working out, our inversion boots do not cause any discomforts to the ankes like other anti gravity boots
  • Closure: Buckle
  • Heel Height: 1 centimetres
  • Revolutionary design - Now designed to fit perfectly around any sized ankle & foot with a super secure lock to ensure that the feet and ankle are unable to slip through the inversion boots and can attach to any sized pull up bar
  • Heavy duty design - With heavy duty metal hook which can withstand and hold large amounts of weight on any sized pull up bar, the anti gravity boots also have a heavy duty metal band with a secure double lock to ensure that the users feet and ankles are safe and secure
  • Helps with back pains - allows the user to stretch muscles in the back using body weight, which could possibly help fight against back pains